Geoff and Pete setting out

One of the things The Parish Council asked for and got from Otterpool Park LLC at the beginning of our discussions was a strip of land (‘buffer’) to be ceded to us so that we have the last word on what goes in there.  The strip is 30m wide and there will be no buildings or roads in it.

On Saturday, Cllrs Colledge, Maddox, Bebbington (at the other end of the tape) and Horner marked out where 30 metres from the racecourse fence is with a number of wooden stakes.  Residents with property that backs onto the racecourse can get an idea of how big this buffer will be.

The drawings of Phase 1 we saw on Friday do not show this buffer around Tollgate Cottage or Little Greys.  And it’s not shown north of Westmead or south of Liveden and Kirkfield House.  This is not in accordance with our agreement with OPLLC and needs to be resolved.

Bear in mind that there is no public right of access onto the racecourse itself.  If anyone wants to see what this buffer looks like from the racecourse side, they will have to arrange for permission.  Please contact the council for that.

Stake with flag