The online presentations by Otterpool Park LLC last Friday gave us a glimpse of how the company and its consultants are thinking at the moment.  We saw that the street layout in ‘Phase 1’ of the project (the ‘Town Centre’) has changed since the outline planning application was submitted in 2019 and there was little bit more about where the ‘centre’ of the town will be and what it might look like.  The plan to develop land next to Barrow Hill as part of Phase 1 has, thankfully, been dropped.

We are promised the recordings of the two sessions on Friday will be made available online. If you didn’t get to the sessions, take a look at one or both.  Each lasted 90 minutes. The videos have not been posted yet, as of Monday 29 March, but you can see screen grabs of most of the slides here.

You can comment on the plans by completing the questionnaire.  Comments made on Friday were not made visible on the screen and individual comments will not be published.  Please, if you do comment, let the parish council know your views as well so that we can make OPLLC aware of what residents feel most strongly about.  We are also in close contact with our neighbouring parishes who will also doubtless be responding to the consultation with concerns similar to ours.  Email our Clerk, Cathy, or post in Stanford Matters on Facebook.

Many of our residents have responded to the flyer we put through everybody’s letterboxes last week.  If you missed that, there’s a copy here.

The consultation closes on 23 April.  Don’t forget there’s a Parish Council meeting on 14 April at 7pm.